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Personal Watercraft

We welcome you at for detailed information as Personal Water Craft are considered by the Coast Guard to be Class A inboard motor vessels and as such must adhere to the same Coast Guard regulations and standards as any other powerboats in this category, such as they must have a fire extinguisher on board, and must have appropriate signaling devices. The registration of these is must with the state, and must also obey the rules of road. Many states ban the use of Personal water craft at night. Many states regulate the operation of personal watercraft within their borders by prohibiting them from specified lakes and boating areas, or by placing geographic restrictions on their use.

Personal Water Craft are operated by two-cycle inboard gasoline engines that drive a jet water pump. Water is taken in through a water pick up on the bottom of the PWC, drawn into an internal propeller (an impeller) that creates a jet of high pressure water which exits through a nozzle on the back of the PWC.

There is also a moveable "gate" that can be dropped over the nozzle to provide reverse thrust on some models. When operating a PWC, keep clear of shallow water (less than two feet deep) or beds of sea grass or other vegetation. Since a PWC sucks water in to power its water jet, it is best not to operate in these waters. If you want more information then visit us at
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